Our team offers full research on stock market updates and provides service.



With our research and service, you will reduce the risk and earn profits. Our goal is to give traders maximum profits..



Call our help line and tell your questions so that we will provide you with answers to your questions by call.


Daily Track Record

We have a daily record of research done in few years from which we provide service to traders.


Monthly profit 1 lakh 20,000 with loss recovery option..


With our hard work and research, our team has provided some services for our traders, so that our traders can get good profits and put their money in the right place. Our services are for big big traders who want to invest in the stock market.

Stock Cash Tips

In this service, we offer daily 2 or 3 intraDate calls to our traders. This service is for those traders who do not have much knowledge of stock market, we offer good equity tips for them.


Nifty Future Tips

The Nifty service is an import service for the stock market, which is why we have done a lot of research on it so that we can provide good service and our traders can take good advantage of it..


Stock Future Tips

Stock Future Tips are for those traders who want to do good and long term trading in the future. This service is designed for those traders and a good run policy is provided by which traders get the full benefit..


Option Tips

You will be provided index and stock tips calls in this service. Option Trading is not an easy trading, therefore you will not be given any interim call from us. Good tips will be given


Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature.



Stocks that give returns that are several times their costs are called multibaggers. These are essentially stocks that are undervalued and have strong fundamentals.


Commodity Tips

A commodity market is a market where raw or primary products are exchanged. These raw materials are traded on the exchange of regulated goods, in which they are bought and sold in standard contracts.


Equity Tips

The Indian Equity Market is more popularly known as the Indian Stock Market. The Indian equity market has become the third biggest after China and Hong Kong in the Asian region.


Our Research

Stock Market is a virtual economic entity formulated by accumulation of buyers and sellers of stocks. It forms a major part of the economic transactions of any country. Here it becomes essential both for buyers and sellers of stock market to be aware of the ongoing market conditions. That’s where stock market tips comes into picture..



Profit Mount Vision is to provide more than 90% Success Ratio in the Indian Stock Market based on Fundamental and Technical analysis and also marketing traders, Investors to earn.



Our Mission is to exploit our Customer's affluence. We are committed in building Wealth and Best Relationship of Customers.



Our Goal is to embolden more and more people to enter into the Indian Stock Market and to renovate them as candid Fundamental Investors, Traders and proliferate the affluence of our Customers.



We are having Technical Analysis based calls providing Team. We are helping our traders to benefit from Indian Stock Market by approving a rationally precise strategy with discipline.



Profit Mount has Devoted Customer Support Team. Our Support Team is ever fortified to help you regarding your Trading Related Queries. We are having Most Number of Endowed Support Employees for our Subscribed Customers.



Our Technical Team is closely related with the Stock Market. Our Technical Analysis Experts uses various studies like Day Trading, Candlesticks, our own Trading Signals, Gann and Elliot Theories. All these terminologies help to provide Strong Calls to the Customers Profit.

  • cnbc

    The analysis of factual information like financial figures, balance sheet, and other information publicly available is known as fundamental analysis. This information is used to derive a fair price of the share of the company.

    Sanny Barskar, Client
  • sensex

    Very good and precise advice, customer service is very good and responsive. I would like to be associated for very long term.

    Rahul Pawar, Client
  • bse

    I sincerely thank you and your staff members who have done incredible job in bringing profit for almost all calls which I trade in basic, investor the other good thing I like is to exit a call early such that losses are brought down to low level.

    Vivek Singh, Client
  • nse

    After following your Daily Market prediction newsletters, I joined your EP-Basic Package and that was my best decision I made till date. Thanks for quality calls, consistency and high accuracy.

    Rohit Ganeshe, Client

Why Choose us

Stock Exchange Hub provides a powerful trading software platform that helps you to identify investment opportunities and avoid potential disasters. Making use of software technology can empower you to effectively get better returns with less effort..

F&O Special

F&O Special is EquityPandit’s huge profits generating package. In this service we provide you with an excellent F&O calls in equity and some time in Indexes like Nifty and bank Nifty. This service is basically for F&O Traders. Here you will receive 1-2 highly accurate calls daily where you have to trade in equal quantities. All the calls are mostly intraday, BTST or STBT. Huge profits are earned every month. Accuracy level is maintained to 90-95%.


BTST/STBT Package is for retail traders who can trade regardless of their hectic schedule. This package is used by institutional investors and broking houses since last 3 years with unbeatable returns. In this package EquityPandit would recommend 1 stock future or index future call in afternoon .


Stock Exchange hub has developed a Bank Nifty Mathematical Model few years back, which on an average has provided more than 100% annual returns to all our clients. This Mathematical model was developed by EquityPandit’s R&D Team, after 3 years of consistent hardwork. This model has consistently given huge profits to our clients in last 8 years without any hectic activity of trading..

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